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Drug charges are filed against a defendant who stands accused of committing some type of criminal offense involving a controlled substance. There are many different types of drug crimes and various penalties that may be enforced if a defendant is convicted. These may involve both illegal street drugs as well as prescription drugs. Our law firm handles all types of drug charges for clients throughout Fairfax and the surrounding areas. We handle cases that involve drug possession, distribution, trafficking, possession with the intent to distribute, distribution/sale to minors, cultivation, manufacturing and prescription fraud. Regardless of the circumstances of your drug charges and what chances you feel you have of avoiding a conviction, we can provide you with skilled attorney representation and guidance to help you make the right choices about your case.

A Fairfax drug charges lawyer with experience as a former prosecutor, Vaughan C. Jones can conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances of your case to determine the best approach. This may be based upon a mistake or violation of your rights by law enforcement, such as an unreasonable search and seizure, or may be based upon proving factual innocence. Because he understands both sides of the criminal process, Attorney Jones can anticipate the prosecution's next move and can work to counter their strategies more effectively.

Drug Charges in Fairfax

Though law enforcement may have collected hard evidence against you that makes it seem as though there is no way to avoid a conviction, an experienced drug crime defense attorney may still be able to seek a positive result. Make sure you get the help you need to challenge your charges and act quickly to help ensure a greater opportunity at the result you are hoping for.

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