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Drug Sales Defense Lawyer in Fairfax

State lawmakers have enacted statutes that heavily punish those who are trafficking drugs in the state, and if you have been caught in the net of law enforcement on such a charge, you must act quickly. The penalties you will face if convicted can include decades spent in state prison. Fast and intelligent defense actions are necessary if you hope to fight to avoid the repercussions of serious drug crime charges. Attorney Vaughan C. Jones takes on drug crime cases with a dedication and focus that is unparalleled.

As a former prosecutor, he has extensive experience on both sides of criminal cases and an impressive record of success in the courtroom. When seeking a Fairfax trafficking defense attorney, you want to know that you will be well represented in court. It has been proven that the skill of the defense attorney often determines the outcome of a trial, and you need to ensure that your legal counsel is aggressive and compelling when defending you.

Drug Sales Defense Lawyer in Fairfax

Law enforcement is particularly interested in identifying and arresting those they believe are trafficking drugs in the Fairfax area. Special drug crime task forces have been created at both the state and federal levels, and these highly dedicated narcotics officers can become extremely aggressive in their quest to get an arrest of a suspected drug trafficker. This overzealous approach often leads to errors in police procedure that can be exploited on behalf of the client.

When the rights of the client have been violated by law enforcement, whether in search and seizure, probable cause or use of excessive force, you can be certain that the attorney from the firm will aggressively take advantage of these errors in your defense. No one is above the law and violations will be addressed in court to the benefit of the client. Act quickly as the sooner the attorney initiates your defense, the more likely that a better outcome can be achieved.

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