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In criminal prosecutions under state or federal law, a defendant may raise a defense in an attempt to avoid being held liable for whatever offense he or she may have been accused of committing. There are numerous ways in which to build a successful defense against criminal allegations, including factual innocence as well as lawful excuse. Additionally, a defendant may challenge criminal charges on the grounds that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to secure a conviction - to prove that the defendant committed the crime beyond a shadow of a doubt. Challenging evidence may be done by proving the evidence itself is faulty or that the manner in which it was collected and/or processed was in violation of the defendant's rights or standard procedure.

Criminal defense is essential to keeping the criminal justice system in America balanced. If a defendant had no right to legal counsel and no right to raise a defense in this way, people would be convicted of crimes left and right. We would have to rely upon law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, and all court personnel to never make a mistake or never have a lapse in judgment. That is just too much to ask from people who are, after all, only human.

It is necessary to offer a defendant, accused of any crime from DUI all the way to murder, the opportunity at challenging these allegations and avoiding a conviction. Because there are always cases where a person is wrongfully accused and may face imprisonment or worse without criminal defense.

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