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Have you been arrested for or accused of shoplifting? Even if this is your first arrest, you may find that you are facing felony charges if the property allegedly stolen is valued at more than $200. Even if the property is worth less than $200, you may still face misdemeanor charges and the possibility of imprisonment in county jail. It is also a crime to receive stolen property, if the defendant knew or should have reasonably known that the property was stolen.

Consulting with a Fairfax criminal defense attorney is an important step to take if you or someone you know has been accused of shoplifting or any type of theft crime. You have the right to criminal defense counsel; without a competent lawyer by your side you may find that you are facing a conviction and maximum penalties when you should have been able to fight your charges and avoid jail time and a criminal record altogether.

Shoplifting Defined

Shoplifting, also referred to as retail theft, involves taking merchandise from a store intentionally and for the purpose of depriving the lawful owner of said property. Most shoplifting cases involve property valued at less than $200, resulting in misdemeanor charges. However, a defendant may face felony shoplifting charges if the property is valued at more than $200 or if the defendant is accused of a string of shoplifting offenses. If the defendant has two prior shoplifting convictions on his or her record, he or she will face felony charges.

As a former prosecutor and an experienced criminal attorney, Vaughan C. Jones can offer you the type of tenacious and knowledgeable legal representation you need in the face of your shoplifting charges. Our firm represents clients in Fairfax and throughout the surrounding areas and offers a confidential review of your case to help you determine what to do at this point.

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