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Assault and battery are two different criminal offense that are often charged in conjunction with one another. Assault is generally defined as a threatened or attempted physical attack upon an individual by another person. Battery is generally defined as the actual act of physically hurting or harming another person. If you have been charged with assault & battery, you can count on suffering serious consequences, such as jail time, fines, victim restitution, probation and more. If you have been charged with assault and battery, please contact Fairfax criminal defense attorney Vaughan C. Jones as soon as you can. Mr. Jones will meet with you to discuss your defense options.

There are many defenses that can be presented in an assault and battery case in Fairfax. Attorney Vaughan C. Jones is very aware of the many myriad ways in which a person can be wrongly or overzealously accused of assault & battery, and he will work with you to determine the best defense for your unique case.

Why choose Fairfax Assault & Battery Lawyer Vaughan C. Jones?

Attorney Jones will work with you closely in order to provide you with the comprehensive defense that you need. Every case is different just as every individual is different. Mr. Jones will never use a pat, cookie-cutter approach when he works with you and your criminal case. He will spend the necessary time to investigate the circumstances surrounding your alleged violent crime and he will conduct the necessary research that will give you the best chance at success.

When your freedom and rights are on the line, it is very important that you receive only the best legal representation. Attorney Vaughan C. Jones has years of experience defending the rights of individuals just like you who have been charged with assault & battery in Virginia. You can count on Mr. Jones to protect you.

Call or schedule a free consultation with Vaughan C. Jones today if you have been charged with assault and/or battery in Virginia.

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