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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Fairfax

Domestic violence charges can be very upsetting. Any type of criminal charge related to family, children, spouse, domestic partner or other similar individual can be emotional, traumatic and detrimental to your future. If you are convicted, you could spend time in jail and you could be forced to stay away from your family members. If you have been charged with any type of domestic abuse, please contact Fairfax criminal defense lawyer Vaughan C. Jones immediately. The sooner you speak with Mr. Jones, the sooner your defense can begin and you can start to get your life back.

If you are served with a protective order (restraining order), you will be forced to stay away from the alleged victim. If this person happens to be the other parent of your children, this could result in you being unable to see your children as often as you would like to and you could even be forced to leave your own home. These consequences are very serious and are much more far-reaching than a criminal record. That is why you must take immediate action and contact Vaughan C. Jones, Attorney at Law as soon as you are aware that you face domestic violence charges.

Facing domestic violence charges in Fairfax?

You need an attorney who is willing to go the distance to protect your rights. Attorney Vaughan C. Jones has years of experience handling domestic violence cases and he will be able to work with you in order to determine the best course of action in your criminal case. Mr. Jones knows that this type of case can be very upsetting and emotional. Though he is an aggressive and vigorous fighter in the courtroom, he is also dedicated to client service and will treat you in the confidential, compassionate and respectful manner that you deserve.

Contact the firm to speak with Vaughan C. Jones today if you are facing any type of domestic abuse charges in Virginia.

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